OKIT: Making. Projects. Intelligent.

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Safe operation of critical infrastructures in volatile energy networks:
OKIT connects IT and OT ins a safe and secure way. We source, correlate and provide real time evaluations comming directly from the operations networks. Together with OKIT you will implement the industrial internet.

Resilient information for best decisions with OKIT.


Being a spin-off of the german Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, OKIT has logistics in its DNA. OKIT engineers and operates logistical systems in terms of material flow control, supply-chain integration, shop-floor, supply & provisioning, production planning and scheduling and a lot more.

Smart means for us:
Reduce source of error and support people in their skill in an optimal manner.

Construction Industry

Measure and control the construction site processes – industrial IoT is the what OKIT provides. OKIT captures, correlates and provides realt time evaluations instandly from any construction site.

Smart means for us:
Reduce causes of error and support the human workers in their skills in an optimal manner.

Project Management

Agile teams are living agile processes. OKIT supports your project with a certified Scrum Master, Prince2 or a Six Sigma Black Belt manager. OKIT’s experts for industrial internet, Industry 4.0 and IoT will transfer know-how and develop ideas. Agile and lean tools provided by OKIT will turn your project productive in no time.

Make. Projects. Intelligent.


Measure and control industrial processes – industrial IoT is the what OKIT provides. OKIT captures, correlates and provides real time evaluations instandly from shop-floor and field.

Smart means for us:
Reduce causes of error and support users in their skills in an optimal manner.



Exclusive support and sustainable maintenance for right now around 750 services and applications are awarding OKIT. Our DevOps support standard applications as well as proprietary applications. OKIT masters the zoo of standards and solutions. For example by providing a centralized identity management and self service platforms.

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Agile AS

Agile tools for collaborative teams: Kanban, business messaging, Wiki and cloud, office apps, online meetings, data exploration and visualiuation, data science.

AgileAS is also an Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform and allows integration of third party applications with SSO, CAS, OAuth, SAML, OpenID, X.509, Shibboleth and LDAP.

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Access machines and facilities around the world, alway in the best posible connectivity. Get support without a call center. Live diagnostics drill down up to the cell tower. Remote deactivation/activation in terms of communication and charges. Your investments deserve our highes priority.

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GHANS Historian

Capturing data and information, control machines and facilities. GHANS Historian is an IoT time series database and streaming device for sensors, status and geo spatial informations in control systems. GHANS connects arbitrary data sources, including the cloud islands of machine manufacturers.

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Where, what, wen? Track and trace Android smartphones and CareLAN devices. Utilize the live localization feature to see: Where is my machine located? What service engineer is near the customer? How many miles or km did I drive? When did the equipment arrive at a certain point?

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Highly volatile data from shop-floor and field are desperately required to be available in ERP and office IT. The IT/OT-Suite alowes safe and secure access to data from almost any sector of your company. The IT/OT-Suite provides access to SCADA and field busses over content firewalls, big data, machine learning up to a live visualization and business intelligence reporting.

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OKIT Accounting

A centralized Identity & Access Management platform for all your webbased corporate applications. OKIT Accounting provides a single starting point.

The app store for you and your customers. Single Sign On and authentication/authorization with LDAP and CAS improves efficiency and security of your users.


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