XenSEI Virtual Server

There is a server behind every service. XenSEI,
these are the virtual machines based on the
Xen virtualization systems, which are operated and maintained by OKIT

  • Location Germany for security and commitment
  • redundant GBit connection
  • RAID Mass Storage
  • nightly backup
  • redundant server hardware
  • German and English speaking support
  • optional cold or hot standby
  • Monitoring and maintenance included


Operation System

A Xen virtualized computer is a good
platform, regardless to the application you
want to operate. Today any common
operation system can be driven with Xen:
Linux-Derivate, such as Gentoo, CentOS,
Suse, Ubuntu
Redmont-operation systems, such as 7/8,
Server 2008/2012.


• relocate it to other hardware with higher/
other performance
• during maintenance operations on your
hardware any applica- tion can be easily
operated on another spare hardware
• new so’ware versions can be tested without any influence on running applica7ons


Xensei.de virtualisation

Xen (pronounced zenn) is by far the most
performant application for virtualisations.
OKIT uses Gentoo- Linux-Images,
especially optimized for Xen and Xeon

That is how we achieve advantages in
performance within a virtualised
environment in a two-digit percentage
compared to conventional native installed
operating systems.



OKIT operates your computer in- stance
using Xen. We will be pleased to consider
the migration of your physical computer in
the Cloud. Choosing the location of your
entity is all up to you:

• costs efficient in the
OKIT datacenter in Dortmund
• band width oriented in the OKIT
colocation in Wuppertal
• almost conservative
in your own datacenter situated in your
own company