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protection of your own data
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Machine Learning compatible
IoT, Industrial Internet, IT/OT Integration
Hochhäuser Skyscraper Inseln Cloud

Cloud databases of your suppliers are islands.
GHANS amalgamates data from any other platform continuously into a central place, for saving your interests.
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Secure remote access for your mobile machines and your stationary facilities. Even if there is no infrastructure available on-site. CareLAN supports your staff and your customer with access to hardware interfaces, informations and collaborative tools.

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GHANS Historian

Capturing data and information, control machines and facilities. GHANS Historian is an IoT time series database and streaming device for sensors, status and geo spatial informations in control systems. GHANS connects arbitrary data sources, including the cloud islands of machine manufacturers.

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Where, what, wen? Track and trace Android smartphones and CareLAN devices. Utilize the live localization feature to see: Where is my machine located? What service engineer is near the customer? How many miles or km did I drive? When did the equipment arrive at a certain point?

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Content firewall and protocol converter for all standardized and proprietary protocols. The SCADA Proxy connect OT word with IT world in a save and secure way. The proxy connects the shopfloor save and secure with the backoffice. Collecting data, preprocess, distribute and store. SCADA Proxy is the mining equipment for your real world data.

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