Machine Learning

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Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ideal whenever historical data is available for teaching machines. For example:

  • Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) for energy cables
  • planing disruptions of projects caused by weather events
  • predict credit card and accounting fraud
  • predict warranty cases right while products are in fabrication
  • predict failures of machines and facilities due to certain patterns (predictive Maintenance)
  • predict customer behaviour (cancellation, contract change, satisfaction, …)

Areas of application

Machine Learning is generally suited for the following areas of application:

  • monitoring
  • categorize, rate, evaluate
  • prediction, recommendation and prescription systems
  • monitor the quality of classic algorithmic/model-based software
  • akquire, save and scale expert knowledge (demographic change)
  • detect dependencies, run pattern recognition in data and events
  • provide support to humans and business processes
  • prevent faulty, monotone decision tasks
  • assisting systems
  • provide alternatives and options
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Why with OKIT?

OKIT has an excellent expertise in measuring and visualizing industrial processes. Our project managers are utilizing machine learning technologies as one tool of many. That allows us, independently from temporary trends, to gather a genuine view for pragmatical and efficient solutions.

In cooperation with our project partners our experts akquire common machine learning insights. We rate the potential tasks in regards of diligence and economical impacts. OKIT provides and operates solutions.

The IT infrastructure of OKIT provide the full stack out of the box. That enables us to implement projects with limited, well-arranged efforts. Lean, agile, reliable, innovative, sustainable, smart:

Make. Projects. Intelligent.

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