Tracking & Tracing

Tracking & Tracing

  • runs on android smartphones and on CareLAN devices with GPS-sensor
  • captures and sends position data within seconds
  • recording of trails with single second precision
  • calculates lengths of traveled ways
  • detects break times and their locations
  • logbook functions
  • positioning map: current position of all devices
  • tracking: where is a device?
  • tracing: what path did the device travel?




Made in Germany
accessible by webbrowser
easy usage
Tracking & Tracing

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Field of application

  • monitor and optimize logistical processes
  • situational overview of areas, construction sites and events
  • providing logbooks
  • search and find machines and devices
  • and many more…
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Why with OKIT?

OKIT has an excellent expertise in measuring and visualizing industrial processes. Based on the GHANS platform OKIT develops and operates applications to measure and control business processes.

Examples for process are:

  • real-time determination and signaling of bottlenecks in the logistical process
  • pattern recognition on trails; matching patterns to referring processes
  • prediction, recommendation and prescription systems based on real data in real time
  • fusion of different sources of GEO and sensor data
  • real-time correlation of movement data with sensor data based on Machine Learning

OKIT’s GHANS is an open platform located in Germany, conforming with the most demanding recommendations and laws in regards to security and safety.

Install app

  1. download the OKIT.GHANS sensor app with your smartphone at:
  2. execute the following steps to install the app
  3. go to the settings of the app and insert the prefix under which the position data is supposed to be send to the GHANS server (the prefix is available in the browser based WebMap application after registration and login)

(Currently you can not download the app via Google’s Play Store because there personalized downloads are mandatory. OKIT will provide a solution as soon as possible.)

use WebMap

  1. login at the AgileAS platfom at:
  2. if you can already see the >WebMap< logo, please continue with step (7)
  3. at OKIT.Accounting, change to the application-tab
  4. click on >WebMap< then on >Nutzung Beginnen<
  5. add your account at >Rollenzuweisung< to the list of users
  6. change to >Meine Apps<
  7. click on the >WebMap< icon

Now you  can see the hole situational overview of all your registered devices.

Please note that you can only see devices with a matching prefix. You can see your prefix by clicking the tracking-icon in the top left in the WebMap application.

Privacy and funktion

The android app is starting in the foreground, even when the smartphone is locked. The app will show status reports, even if it runs in background.

This app is not designed for secret surveillance!

It is acceptable to track your own movements. Tracking the position data of machines, vehicles and facilities is acceptable too in most cases.

If the collected data can be personalized, you should get used to the latest privacy data protection laws. Neither WebMap nor OKIT.GHANS are linking GEO-data with personalized data. No personalized data will be collected. Not even pseudonymous.

The app is sending the data collected till then in a period of a few seconds in a bundle of data. In continuous running of the app and the average mobile network errors this can lead to a data volume of round about 300MByte. In certain conditions the required data volume can be much higher because of the necessity to send packages multiple times. We are working on solutions to drastically reduce the required data volume.

The energy expenditure of the smartphone is higher because of continuous use of the GPS sensor and the data stream. Please ensure a sufficient energy supply. You may want to order 12/24V USB adapters from OKIT, strong enough to ensure a consistent energy supply and usage. We even would be glad to help you at the choice and procurement of a fitting smartphone.

For the usage of the smartphones and CareLAN devices we offer special fitted M2M tariffs (Machine to Machine mobile tariffs).

More information at: and under

In case of loosing your mobile connection the app cannot transmit the data to the GHANS platfom. In this case the application is storing the information until the connection is working properly again. So the complete route tracking is possible even with temporary disrupted mobile network connections.

The offers of OKIT.WebMap, OKIT.GHANS, OKIT.Accounting and AgileAS are adressed to companies and commercial users only.